Rivens Cladding

We provide rivens cladding in sandstone, rosa stone, autumn, rich autumn, elephant & African blue.

Riven Cladding is quarried and produced from the finest natural sandstone reserves in Southern Africa. Due to its beautiful natural textures and shades, it is ideally suited to bringing a natural design element into your building project to create stunning natural feature walls both internally and externally.

Being completely natural, we rely on nature for the different colours that can be found in our sandstone. We suggest that you calculate the full extent of your cladding requirements and purchase this from one specific batch. Batch variation is to be expected with virtually all natural stone over a certain period of time.

Installation Guidelines

Due to the nature of riven cladding, we highly recommend enlisting the services of an installer or contractor who is familiar with the various characteristics of natural stone, as well as the important steps that need to be completed correctly to achieve the best possible outcome and appearance for your stone cladding feature wall.

There are specific wall primers and adhesives that would need to be used for different wall surfaces and applications to achieve the correct installation.

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