Cladding - Building Blocks

We provide cladding building blocks in charcoal, rosa stone, rich autumn and in multi-colour.

It may not always be visible from a distance, but most commercial buildings contain cladding in one form or another. Cladding is done by placing a material, anything from brick, stone, cement or wood, over the original structure. 

Cladding has been used for years in the construction industry and provides a range of benefits for a building, including an array of aesthetic options.

Adding cladding to the exterior of the building provides an aesthetic choice that makes all the difference to the finished structure. Not only will it look pleasing to the eye, but cladding will also add monetary value to the property. There is a variety of cladding options available, not only in terms of colour but also for the textures of the material. This is crucial so it can fit in with the surrounding architecture in the area while also distinguishing the design in its own right.

Cladding also requires low levels of maintenance. Whereas painted surfaces need more attention in terms of cleaning and repairing, cladded walls typically only need a scheduled wash down to keep them in good condition. 

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